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A new experience

A digital one


“stargate” flies you into a live event. A multimedia, multi-device, multi-channel box of contents creates a new digital experience, attractive not boring, interactive, generating business/ money.

A box with interviews, emotional videos, product presentations, seminars, training courses, games and live events from exclusive location or environment.

Technology and storytelling

Digitalization with no compromises


Using a digital platform the events are not bounded to fixed durations. They can rather be extended as long as wanted, even kept permanently on the web for everyone to visit throughout the year.


The digital platform allows to fully customize the visitor journey based on his needs and characteristics and also based on the data gathered from the users using the platform. The experience fit the user better than in a live event.



Traditional events force visitors to move to the event’s location increasing companies’ travel costs. Thanks to the digital platform, the public can visit the event in total comfort allowing an audience increase.


Social media and social networks represent an important tool to boost and leverage the media resonance of the events content creation and sharing allows organizers and visitors to keep the conversation going.

What we offer

We are setting up a new paradigm for expos and events. Using advanced technology we create a totally different level of communication and interaction with visitors. Content is still the king of the show, so our strength is not technology only but storytelling too.

Creativity and managment

Every day our designers, engineers, artists and architects work together atelier style, pursuing a culture of learning, to imagine and provide amazing creative contents and sparkling visitors experience. We work on the event’s concept to come up with the best contents such as interviews, emotional videos, product presentations, seminars, training courses, and exclusive live events.

Technological platform

An over-the-top (OTT) / video on demand (VOD) platform delivers innovative video experiences to a browser, smartphone, tablet, or smart TV using the internet. Thanks to its internet-based delivery system, OTT platforms bypass third-party networks (e.g.: youtube) that traditionally managed online content. The only things customers need are an internet connection and a compatible hardware device.

Our trusted

We are a multidisciplinary team of companies that got together in the last years to create the most amazing projects for some of the renowned companies worldwide.

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