The need

RMK is almost ready for the opening of their new Headquarters in Ekaterinburg

RMK chose archi-star Norman Foster for its innovative headquarters. The offices are arranged in rows on either side of a central hallway, which functions as a break out space, with lounge seating and views of the city through the glazed lift shaft

The Company wants to open inside the building a space where to tell about itself mainly to stakeholder


To turn the space in a powerful communication tool, to:

  • Empower the perception of the Company
  • Transmit the RMK’s attention to innovation, to environment, to human talents and to social responsibility
  • Communicate RMK’s key information

.. being flexible, to tailor the contents according to the profile and time of the guests


What we did

Concept and experience design



World Expositions have been an architectural playground since they started to appear: London World Exposition of 1851 (Crystal Palace), Paris World Exposition of 1889 (Eiffel Tower), and more recently, Hannover 2000 and Zaragoza 2008.

But also at the Brussels World Exposition in 1958, where Le Corbusier created the very first multimedia project, in collaboration with Edgar Varèse and Iannis Xenakis: The Phillips Pavillion. This unique experience only lasted through the Exposition, being demolished after it. The Virtual Electronic Poem (VEP) project was created by Virtual reality Multimedia Park today Illogic Sr.l /Multiverso.  It is a virtual reality (VR) environment capable of reproducing the global experience of the Poème électronique through a philologically accurate reconstruction of the original installation and a technologically innovative VR implementation, that you can see on the above video. VEP was donated to the university of Turin and included in the unique historic collection of Internet materials of The United States Library of Congress.

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