The space

The space is an entertainment museum. The visitor will experience a journey trough the magic world of copper.

The layout consists of:

  1. Facade
  2. OLED screen tunnel
  3. VR robot machine
  4. Holographic roof
  5. Demo caves
  6. Interactive forest
  7. Waterfall exit


What we did

Concept and experience design (project not realized)

in collaboration with WES international


The facade


OLED screen tunnel


Entertainement arena

Getting out from tunnel, visitors will find themselves into the main hall. Its terraced shape is inspired by the form of open pit mines. In this hall the story of copper continues through different attractions that visitors will have the possibility to experience without a pre-defined path.

The dome will be illuminated on each step, for all its circumference and over the entire height, with a dynamic system of LED lights changing color.

The programming of light effects will increase the spaces and will give a gradual scene-change effect.

TVR robot machine

A copper nugget with two large rocket reactors mounted on the back side, accompanies the public for a flyover in VR over the mines and the plants pf RMK. The VR experience starts from the top to show the size of the excavation and all the copper minerals it contains. At this point the experience gets breath taking, the visitor is thrown at high speed into the earth creating tunnels. It goes in and out the cave till one tunnel turns into an industrial plant pipeline. The production processes of the plant are now shown and visitors are let recover from the adrenaline rush.


Holografic roof

The roof is a huge holographic projection that showcases the leading role RMK will have in allowing the development of future innovations. It will show all the different use cases copper will have in future technology.


Demo caves

Two transparent OLED screens positioned inside the first cave show the most suggestive phases of the electrolysis process of copper. Through the video overlap technique the illusion of the transparent plate of the screen turning into a slab of copper is created.

An AR station will show visitors how essential is copper for modern life. It brings data, electricity and potable water in our homes and it represents an important contribution to sustainable development. Installation will be done with a smart city maquette with controlled project mapping.

Three vertical multitaction screens make up a single image. They are arranged on three sides to configure a 180 degrees workstation. Contents of this demo are aimed to teach more about the different topics related to the RMK world.

Interactive forest

Once out of the arena, visitors will find themselves in a dreamlike environment. A welcoming place to get lost and get yet another photo opportunity.

A luminescent floor from which stands a forest of magical trees multiplied by mirrored side walls. Screens embedded in the trees will show celebrities’ testimonies about RMK’s efforts to ensure environmentally and human-friendly extraction and production.

The final surprise is a wall of water that magically opens up when people pass by and closes behind them like a curtain, leaving a great desire to return.

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