The exterior

The elegant and essential architectural style of the pavilion is inspired by the RMK new headquarter: “The Diamond Building”. The external gives transparency and lightness to the pavilion thanks to large windows alternated with copper upright, elevating it above earthly things. At the same time, this transparent structure ideally eliminate all barriers thus allowing the interior to glimpse visitors passing in front of the stand. Transparent leds cover completely the 2 main facades creating lights games alternated with video-contents about  RMK’s activities.


What we did

Concept design (project not realized)

in collaboration with WES international

The gate

The two entrances of the pavilion welcome visitors with captivating video-walls, visible from afar. The upper screen at the entrance introduces the contents that inside are developed in the different sections. The floorplan of the pavilion ideally designs two diagonal lines highlighting. On one side the technologies and the innovation in copper production and on the other, the environment protection. In the center  the TIME MACHINE.


Ground floor


The time machine

The Hollywood-style Attraction will bring the visitors for a spectacular ride.

After the group is inside, a small vibration will give the sensation of movement and the “lift” will go back in time showing the copper ages and its transition till nowadays with its key usages.
But suddenly a flash multicolor (like a jump in the hyperspace) will bring the spectator to the future where from the windows of a space-ship, he will see how copper will improve the human life.

Then the machine returns to the day of today.

The waterfall

RMK attention to the environment is symbolized by a huge (9 mt high) installation composed by curved LED / LG Oled screens that represents an endless waterfall. The impetuous flow comes from the ceiling and seems to invade the floor of the pavilion. Water is the element that gives life and symbolizes cleaning and transparency exactly as the humanistic goal of RMK is to produce copper in a clean and transparent way. This installation is an absolute world premiere. But the installation could be also used for key presentation (e.g. RMK Martial Art Accademy, video about the Company, emotional videos) os as a back screen for TV interviews.


The waterfall is not only a decorative –  still memorable –  installation; it gives visitors the opportunity to discover all the activities carried out by RMK to protect the environment and the territories in which it operates.

Water is a key element in environmental protection projects carried out by RMK, in fact exhausted mine sites are rethought as green areas with artificial lakes in favor of local communities. By touching the interactive screens mounted on raised floors, visitors can interact with the flow and open a kind of transparent window.

The company show

An immersive environment (light controlled room with reflective graphics) Where two holograms interactive desks multi-users enable visitors to interact with the innovation in RMK: the latest technologies, the production plants, the products.

In the end a high quality video wall where trough, transparent screen with a touchable interface, will presented the initiative in Social Responsibility. The screen can be used to show also other informative contents And can be use for entertainment purposed playing games as the wheel of fortune, to enforce the communication of RMK

The first floor

The path of the copper industry and its use in the “hot” areas of innovation is fascinating and rich of history and stories. This path is represented through 15 milestones, or milestones that go from the remote past into the future.


The offices

The Presidential office is located in the largest room of the first floor and is equipped a 110 inches videowall and large windows decorated with a glass film that enable guests to see through, without being seen from the outside. The table can be the standard RMK table or a new interactive table where is possible to present contents and share them with other guests

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