• Rethink the exhibition, enhancing the experience design through an interactive and technological approach, creating an immersive and sensorial space.
  • Tell about the figure of Nikolaj Kuznestov making the narrative structure immediately clear to visitors: the first chapter is dedicated to the myth of the spy, his missions and secreted informations, the second chapter is about the man behind the legends and his origins.
  • Enhance the visitors learning process through an edutainment approach to the many content at our disposal.
  • Realize an inclusive exhibition able to engage all ranges of visitors – experts, families, children – to celebrate the historical importance of Nikolaj Kuznestov for both Russia and the whole world.


What we did

Concept and experience design

in collaboration with SIMMETRICO


Interactive secret dossiers

The life of Nikolaj Kuznestov as a spy through 5 interactive secret dossiers able to give a glimpse on his story and secreted informations. The Interactive stations allow visitors to deepen events that made him the myth we know today.

Each station is composed by one portrait of Nikolaj Kuznestov, printed on transparent fabric, alongside an interactive secret dossier in which the projected content are generated in real-time by visitors turning the pages.

Mission and historical facts

On the right wall, through an ideal radar visitors can discover the international geo-political context of World War II.

A huge printed map on the wall is enhanced through projections showing animated infographics to explain the main historical facts, (e.g. troops’ movements, main events, locations, etc.) and N.K. secret missions behind that.

Touching interactive points on the wall, visitors can disclose video-animated deepenings explaining and contextualizing Nikolaj Kuznestov’s missions.


The spy equipment

On the left wall, hidden facts and figures about World War II are explained to the visitor through a direct experience of the spy’s equipment. Five suitcases hide interactive tools that can be used to discover secret documents.

A telegraph, a typewriter and printed sheets are interactive tools to be used by visitors to decrypting secret messages and activate projections on the wall to reveals hidden facts.


The man beyond the myth

The very last installation is immersed in a suspended atmosphere, preparing visitors to meet Nikolaj Kuznestov: the man beyond the myth.

When visitors turn the pages of the interactive album, an outside voice of an actor interpreting him, recounts the childhood events that made him the man we know today.

The voice explains the story in first person creating empathy with visitors, while content are revealed in real-time on the album.

All around, a multimedia wall allow to enter in depth into the story through a direct experience: watching archive videos, leafing through personal documents and family photos, listening to testimonies with single headphones, etc.


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